The Graduation Party

This might be your first adventure with a caterer.  Instead of jumping into the deep end with a  big buffet or big food event - why not try hosting your friends with tray passed appetizers - and you know who can do that for you - yes Perfect Party Bites can deliver it all to your door the day of the party.   This will save you a LOT of money - vs going the full service catering route. 

You could also do it yourself but be careful to make sure that you are not stressing yourself out by preparing everything last minute.  One way is to prepare a lot of your hot items far in advance and freeze them.  Leave the fresh items like roasted veggies and cheese balls etc. for the day before.  But try very hard to have everything done in advance because this time of year - things just pop up at the last minute (like shopping!) 



Plan out your home for bar, several areas for stationary appetizers, little pockets of seating etc.:

You don't want to put your bar/beverage table close to your food  or you will create log jams of people.

Plan out where each table will go ahead of time.

Rearrange seating the day before, making little vignettes of conversation areas will make a party more comfortable.  You might consider bringing in belly bars and moving some furniture into the garage for the night to maximize your party space.     

Set up early in the morning - pull out the tablecloths, wine buckets, ice buckets, glass ware, all your serve ware, platters and tongs and everything you will need.  Put them on the table that they will be used.  You really don't want to be running around at the last minute as your guests arrive - you want to be greeting them at the door and making sure they feel welcome and that they know where they can get a drink!


The beverage menu is another area to pay attention to.  It's fun to have a signature cocktail premixed for easy dispensing.  My favorite way to make guests feel special is to greet them at the door with a nice glass of champagne (or sparkling non alcoholic beverage) or your signature cocktail - nicely presented and pre -poured at the entrance to your home.

To Buy:

Make sure you have fancy pics, enough plates, napkins, cutlery and ICE - you will need about 3-5 lbs of ice per person depending on your beverage menu.  Buy it the morning of the party and keep it in your ice chest - you don't want to be running out to the store last minute (although this almost always happens anyway ).If you are prepared well ahead and if you are really smart (and live in San Diego) :)  you will have called your favorite appetizer delivery service weeks ahead - Perfect Party Bites will have delivered everything you need several hours earlier.  

Assign jobs:

If you run behind - don't be afraid to ask a close friend to help - either manning the bar or getting the food from the kitchen onto trays and passed around the room - the benefit is that they get a chance to meet everyone.  You can also hire a cater waiter - this is one of the best things you can do to insure that you have a great time at your own party.  These are professionals and they will see things that need to be done way before you do -  allowing you to be the consumate host you know you are.  Perfect Party Bites can set you up with one or two or you can check out your local staffing agency.  They charge from $25.00 per hour up to $30.00.


I always print out my menu on a nice piece of decorative paper and put it somewhere everyone will see it.  This way your guests get to know what is coming and you won't forget that there is a fresh fruit tray sitting in the fridge or that your aunt's famous meatballs are not wasting away in the freezer.  If you are tray passing the appetizers or asking a friend to help or a server, have a little cheat sheet of information about each app to give them so they can tell your guests what they are serving.  Remember to have lots of veggies for those avoiding meat.

Allow about 4- 6 oz of protein for each person but don't forget the vegetarians - a nice marinated portobello mushroom grilled on the barbecue will make them very happy.  If you are doing an appetizer party, we recommend approximately 10-12 different selections if you are going through a dinner hour.  Choose your menu from pictures and descriptions of over 75 different appetizers and email your order in.  We will deliver everything you need the day of the party.  It may just prove to be the perfect solution.


entertainment or not?
For sure!  You might want to hire a caricature artist to put this momentous occasion on paper for each guest or music is always great - I have found some great musicians listed on Craig's List (you might even find a caricature artist on the site too.   If it's not a Saturday night you might be able to negotiate a good price. Paying attention to this detail - will make this a party to remember.


PS:  Don't forget to get your  party appetizer orders in as soon as you can so your date will be available.  Call 1.800.691.2283 or go to




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