Frequently Asked Questions

How many appetizers do I need?

We recommend that you have 8-12 different kinds of appetizers for most events.  Order enough appetizers so that each guest can have a total of 8-10 for a light afternoon or evening reception, or 12-16 per person if you’re replacing a meal.

Catering Tip:  Have about half of the appetizers tray-passed to control how quickly they go.  If you feel you will need help with tray passing and/or replenishing trays – let us know and we will recommend staff for you.

When will you deliver them?

We deliver between 11:00 am and 2pm on the day of your party  We can email you a more accurate time on the morning of the party.  (let us know what time your party starts when you place your order) and request an ETA email.

Do I need to be at home to receive the package?

Yes, you will need to receive them and transfer  them into your fridge, ice chests and/or freezer. If it is possible that you will not be at home, please tell us to delivery it to a business address or to a trusted neighbor who can accept the delivery for you. But please do not leave the products outside of a freezer or fridge for more then 30 minutes after delivery.

How much notice do I need to give you?

For most of the year a minimum of  10 days is sufficient (if it’s less give us a call- we still may be able to help).  Around the holidays – 14-21 days.  The more advance notice we are given, the more likely we will be to prepare the items you have selected.


What is the minimum order?

24 items.  This means 24 meatballs or 24 chicken skewers etc..  If you want a mixture of things you can order the combination platters but the minimum order is a medium sized platter which is 120 pcs.

Do you accept credit cards.

Yes we can invoice you through PayPal and you can pay them securely with any credit card.  


Do you accept checks.

Yes, as long as we receive it 10 days before the delivery date.  Please note that we will not deliver your order until we receive payment from you.


How much is delivery?

It’s free on orders totaling over $300.00 in Central San Diego.  Otherwise it’s $35.00 within a 10 mi radius in the City of San Diego and $50.00 for 11-16 mi out.  Surcharges may apply for delivery up stairs and busy elevators.


Can I pick them up?

Sorry but no, at this time we don’t have a will call area.  In the future possibly.


How are they packaged?

Our Cold Appetizer items are beautifully arranged on disposable trays, ready to serve to your guests.  However if you want to glam it up – you might consider transferring them to your favorite silver or ceramic trays.

Our Hot Appetizer items are arranged on oven-ready aluminum trays for your convenience.  You will need an oven or a toaster oven to bake them for approx.  15 minutes and you will definitely want to transfer these to a plate or tray for better presentation. We send a bag of fresh garnishes and decorative picks  so you can add them to your tray before serving.   Complete cooking instructions are sent with each order.

Our soup is sent in microwavable tubs therefore  you will have to pour the hot soup into the little white or clear cups when you are ready to serve.  Garnishes are sent in a small bag so you can top the soup before serving.

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