Chilled and Ready Menu

Quick and Easy! Just serve them. Choose from 28 varieties of beautiful savory party bites, vegetarian bites, cheese tortes and 12 luscious mini sweet bites.

Hot out of Your Oven

All the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is pop them in your oven. Choose from 36 hot appetizers including skewers, soup shots and baked brie.

Free Delivery!

In San Diego on orders over $300.00.  Party Bites are perfect for office parties,, weddings, anniversaries,  holiday parties, birthday parties, and graduations.

Party of the Month

The Graduation Party

 If ever there was a time for celebrating - this is certainly it.  You've earned it.  Instead of another heavy buffet or huge food event - why not try hosting your friends with appetizers - and you know who can do that for you - yes Perfect Party Bites can deliver it all to your door the day of the party.  If you want to do it yourself - or if you want some some tips - read on...


About Us


During our more than 20 years in the catering business,we have been developing delicious appetizers, sweet bites and mini hors d’oeuvres that have been served at San Diego's finest social events, business receptions, and fund raisers. We are excited to be able to offer an easier solution for all your party needs, big or small. 

Chefs Lesley and David Gardinier

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